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We can make it together, We can make it if we try We are one world, one human race, one family.

 Choice of 4 different  great albums (click the links & listen)
Pierre Perpall  Secret love (crooner) album 
Purple flash Greatest hits album (dance, funk)
Purple Flash 4 song single (house, dance)
Pluton and Humanoids, (Electro) friends compilation album


Pierre, his fans and everyone who wishes to discover an incredible entertainer. Through this site Pierre Perpall wishes to inform you about the different concepts of shows that he offers, on his hard ways of working and, finally, to offer various items of merchandising that you can purchase.  All of this information is not limited and our warm and friendly Pierre, will be more than happy to respond personally to everyone who wishes to have more information on any of the subjects in the menu on your left.
This site's goal is, first of all, to establish and maintain a communication between Pie